EMS Live @Nite 2017-18

EMS Live @Nite uses live, interactive video conferencing services from across the region.  This program is available September thru June each year to rural and frontier communities in:  Washington, Northern Idaho, Northeast Oregon, Montana, Northern Wyoming, the Aleutian Islands and parts of central Alaska. 

Participants include Emergency Medical Service (EMS), fire and law enforcement personnel, public health and hospital staff and other members of the community.  

Before viewing any program the instructors recommend that the pretest is taken by the viewer to assess knowledge about the topic.  Materials can be found on the Health Training Web Site under EMS Live @Nite. Specific links to course material is also provided with each recording. 

If you need a certificate of completion for continuing education credit:
  1. Download the Course “Documents” (use the link provided with each recording)
  2. Completely fill out the Pre-Test, Post- test, program evaluation, and a roster including the date you watched the video. 
  3. Send to INHS via email or mail.
        a. Email:  Healthtraining@inhs.org
        b. Mail:    INHS, 501 N Riverpoint, Ste 245 Spokane, WA 99201.
  4. When INHS has the completed documents, you may print your Certificate of Completion, which can be found on the Course Materials page with each recording or by clicking here.   

For more information contact INHS Health Training.     

EMS Live @Nite Enviro Emgergencies Nov 14 2017 Thumb
November 14, 2017
63 Minutes
EMS Education - Continuing Education Credits Available
Environmental Emergencies    Presenter:  Gary Hoertz, INHS Training Lead Paramedic Instructor 
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EMS Live @Nite Brain Injury and Trauma Oct 11 2017 Thumb
October 10, 2017
62 Minutes
EMS Education - Continuing Education Credits Available
Traumatic Brain Injury and Head Trauma     Presenter:   Doug Presta, INHS Instructor and Spokane County Fire Paramedic
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