St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute: Getting physical [therapy] at MUV fitness

August 09, 2016
Michael and Lori

MUV Fitness Manager Michael Whetstone and St. Luke's Physical Therapist (PT) Lori Serbousek know how to put excellent physical therapy to work.

Living an active lifestyle, Michael is no rookie when it comes to surgery. He has had five knee surgeries in the past five years. The last one, a total knee replacement, left him incapacitated. Michael knew the road to recovery would be difficult.

Having the St. Luke's outpatient facility conveniently co-located inside MUV Fitness in north Spokane, Michael was an everyday witness to the work Lori did for recovering patients. This first-hand knowledge enabled him to speak with Lori for months about what to expect post-surgery.

"The surgery was incredibly invasive and afterwards I had zero movement," Michael says. "We really had to work hard on getting it back, and I was not an easy patient. [Lori] was never defensive when I asked questions of her work and her patience was above and beyond the call of duty."

When Michael first started working with Lori, rehabilitation on his knee was more difficult and painful than he had imagined.

"I didn't know if my knee could ever come back," says Michael. "I really didn't know if I could do the rehab, and at the time I didn't feel particularly good about myself."

Lori, having 28 years of experience working with patients, knew exactly what he was encountering. She knew there are more than just physical needs in physical therapy; there are many ups and downs while regaining strength and mobility.

"If you're not ready emotionally, then you won't be ready physically," Lori says. "All these things need to be in place for the proper treatment to work."

Lori provided expertise in rehabilitating the knee, and helped Michael to restore confidence in his ability to endure and complete his recovery.

"It requires an enormous amount of a methodical approach and that goes beyond what you might typically expect from a PT," Michael says.

Michael is back to exercising and regaining his active lifestyle, but recently found out he will have to undergo the same surgery on the opposite knee.

"I actually can't wait for the next one," Michael says. "I know I will come back because I have the best physical therapist, the best surgeon and the best wife. If it wasn't for Lori, I wouldn't be eager to do it. Even the surgeon was surprised by my willingness to move forward."

Visit Lori and Michael at the Northside MUV Fitness next time you are in the area. Lori treats a variety of injuries and surgical issues, while Michael will be happy to give you a tour of MUV's spacious amenities.

In addition to the five convenient therapy locations around the greater Spokane area, St. Luke's has four outpatient therapy clinics located within the MUV Fitness centers. For more information and locations, click here .


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