St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute: Match Made in Nursing Heaven

June 07, 2016
Courtney Biel
Nurses Tyler and Joyce

There are few people who can say they work side-by-side with their significant other. This is not the case for St. Luke's registered nurses Tyler Osborn and Joyce Kennedy. Engaged since May 2015, Tyler and Joyce are partners at home and work.  

The couple met while studying nursing at Spokane Community College.  

Outside of work, the couple loves to stay active.  "The main reason we started hanging out outside of class was because he goes to the gym a lot, and I wanted to start going again," Joyce says. "So now we do that several times a week together." 

"She's my personal trainer," Tyler says.  

Tyler has been with St. Luke's since 2012, and Joyce began working at St. Luke's shortly after their engagement. 

"It's really nice because everyone here already knew me when I started," Joyce says. "Even before I started working [at St. Luke's] everyone knew that Tyler's fiancé was a nurse, and they were like 'Well when is she going to start?'" 

Both working the night shift, Tyler works in the brain injury unit and Joyce is a floater, meaning she moves around the hospital wherever she is needed. The night shift may not work for everyone, but these two make it work.  

"People always ask 'how do you make that work?' Joyce says. "We have the same schedule. We eat breakfast together at 3 p.m. every single day." 

"We can manage night shift so much better by doing it together," Tyler adds. "St. Luke's was able to work that schedule out for us." 

 "I think we are just good at working as a team," Tyler says. "I can tell if she needs something, and she can tell if I need something. There's not a lot of need for verbal communication because we know each other so well."  

"We also trust each other's nursing judgement," Joyce adds. 

Tyler and Joyce plan to be married June 2016, and St. Luke's wishes the happy couple the best of luck and a sincere 'thank you' for their dedicated work.   

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