Community Wellness: National Nutrition Month--What is Sugar Anyway?

March 22, 2017
Lisa Randall, INHS Community Wellness Clinical Coordinator

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Despite their different colors and flavors, the nutritional value of sugars is very similar. Sugar is sugar, whether white, brown or raw.

Let's put sugar in perspective…

  • Using small amounts of sugar to enhance the flavor of nutritious foods is not a bad thing
    • a small spread of jam on whole grain bread
    • drops of agave over high-fiber cereal
    • a dash of sugar to fresh fruit 
  • Reduce amounts and frequency from sugar concentrated foods and foods with little nutritional value
    • soft drinks, juices, desserts, chocolate, ice creams and pastries. 
  • Foods such as flavored yogurts or flavored milks have a better nutrient profile and give you important nutrients (protein, calcium) along with the sugar they contain

Here are the 10 top sugar contributors:



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