Northwest TeleHealth

Northwest TeleHealth provides access to consultations with health care specialists through a robust video-conferencing network of more than 100 units throughout the Northwest. This technology facilitates live, confidential interaction for two or more locations involved in patient consults, rural medicine, health education, medical training, business administration and other related activities.ATA_Institutional_Member_Seal 

All too frequently, patients in need of unique medical care don’t live near the physicians who can best provide it. By using Northwest TeleHealth’s state-of-the-art video monitors, specialized cameras, microphones and diagnostic equipment, they can access specialists directly and securely, without leaving their community.

But it’s not only patients who benefit from the network. Northwest TeleHealth also offers physicians and hospitals in outlying areas real-time access to medical consultations, examinations, follow-up care and educational services. In addition, it can facilitate community health education classes and clinical education programs, including Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Emergency Medical Technical (EMT) training, nursing education and physician CME (Continuing Medical Education) programs.

By providing cost and efficiency savings on both ends, Northwest TeleHealth is a mutually beneficial system that ultimately improves patient care and the way it is delivered.

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