St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute: Promoting Balance this Fall

November 01, 2016
Lynn Aley MS PT, DHS, Physical Therapy Clinical Specalist

Fall prevention is one key way to maintain a healthy, safe and independent lifestyle as we age. Getting older can mean our balance isn't quite what it used to be-and falls are the leading source of injury of older adults, landing more in the emergency room. 

St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute has physical and occupational therapists trained to evaluate your risk factors and provide a supportive plan to improve your safety from injuries due to falling. Did you know that a leading cause of falling is leg weakness? Therapists can help determine your vulnerability and ways to find strength and balance. 

Here are some helpful tips when considering a safe home and lifestyle to prevent injuries from falling:

  • What hazards do you have at home that could cause a fall?
    • Rugs or clutter that could make you stumble
    • No handrails on stair
    • Steps that may be slick or uneven
  • Could you medications keep you out of balance?
    • Check the medicines you're taking to see if they cause drowsiness and/or dizziness
  • Do you have concerns like vision problems or sore feet that you haven't spoken to your doctor about? 

What is putting you at risk? Schedule an outpatient appointment with St. Luke's therapists to find out they can help create an individualized plan to keep you on your feet and in balance: (509) 473-6869.

Find out more about St. Luke's Fall Prevention Program:

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