Integrity & Compliance

Inland Northwest Health Services (“INHS”) is dedicated to maintaining excellence and integrity in our operations and professional and business conduct.  INHS is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and complying with all governing laws and regulations not only in the delivery of our health care, health IT, insurance and education services, but in our dealings with employees, administrative staff, physicians, agents, members, payers and the communities in which we operate.Integrity Online

Integrity and Compliance Program
INHS Integrity and Compliance Program (“Program”) applies to all of INHS. The Code of Conduct and the Integrity and Compliance Program policies provides steps INHS has implemented to incorporate recommended compliance program guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General. Our Program serves as the foundation for our commitment to an ethical organizational culture and compliance with laws and regulations.

Our Program provides support to our health care, health IT, insurance and educational operations through a collaborative partnership with those we serve. This program is intended to provide reasonable assurance that INHS:

  • Establishes, monitors, and supports high professional and ethical standards;
  • Supports initial and continuing compliance education and training;
  • Complies in all material respects with federal, state and local laws and regulations that are applicable in our operations;
  • Maintains a mechanism (through the Integrity Line at 888-294-8455) for reporting integrity, compliance or legal concerns;
  • Satisfies the conditions of participation in health care programs funded by the federal and state governments;
  • Promotes self-monitoring and provides for, in appropriate circumstances, voluntary disclosure of violations of laws and regulations;
  • Reviews, investigates, and acts on allegations of violations and misconduct.


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